How Travel Helped Me Learn About Marketing Done Right

Travel and marketing are two of my passions. The first one gives me inspiration me and the second one makes me tick. I love generating ideas and marketing is the best place where I get to use my imagination to the maximum level.

“So why not do both?”, I asked myself. This is how it started my first journey of capturing stories about marketing done right while traveling in a campervan across the U.S.

What I have discovered about marketing in my first Campervan Road Trip across the U.S.

The first lesson I’ve learned was about the importance of having an innovative and disruptive marketing strategy. Disruptive marketing means turning all the marketing rules upside down, shaking things up and changing the perception, from marketing campaigns to rethinking the whole brand. In a world full of advertising messages it has become harder and harder to capture people’s attention and a disruptive marketing strategy can definitely help businesses stand out.

Want an example?

While I was doing research for planning my trip, I stumbled upon a great article about a company that was converting boring white vans into works of art.  Escape Campervans covered their vans in brightly-coloured graphic patterns made by artists which aim to have a “high impact” and be “instantly identifiable”. It had the Escape spirit

Not only that made me choose their van for my trip but it made people stopping us on the road to ask about where they could rent it. This means to be disruptive!

The second discovery about marketing done right from my trip was about creating an entire experience for your customer, not only selling a product. And I have found a lot of examples to prove this idea. I have seen beaches in California that were transformed in surf cities such as Huntington Beach where the idea of surfing is present everywhere you go in shops, restaurants, parks. I have seen casino hotels in Las Vegas with different themes that deliver great experiences such as Excalibur Hotel which makes you feel like a princess living in a castle. Other examples are the campground parks that give you the ultimate outdoor experience or the Grand Canyon where you can see the great wonder of nature in so many different ways: by helicopter, Zip Lining or by walking.

Another best practice of marketing  that I’ve noticed in my trip was the use of experiential marketing. It helps in immersing the consumers within the product by engaging as many other human senses as possible. Museums and stores from Las Vegas and Los Angeles are great examples of experiential marketing. In the Coca-Cola Store you can come into contact with the world’s most iconic beverage brand in an immersive retail destination including exclusive Coca‑Cola branded merchandise, unique and entertaining experiences and true refreshment that inspires the senses. The Museum of Illusions is also using experiential marketing at its best. It’s an interactive, immersive and a fun way to spend your time. Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science.

There are a lot of stories about marketing done right on the road. From small ideas like getting your name written on the Walk of Fame which targets the most important thing to customers — their name, to the campground parks that give you the ultimate outdoor experience. All we need to do is keep our eyes open and incorporate them in our own projects.

Tina L.