The D8 Butter: From a Sketch to the Shelf

Remember the D8 Date Butter? It is one of our best projects so we’re excited to share with you the point we’ve managed to reach. The other day we talked with our client and they gave us very positive feedback for what we did so far.

Quick recap: the product was an all-natural, no funny ingredients date butter. The Client requested a branding and strategic work for it. This required hours and hours of research: cultural research, trending styles and symbolic motives. We chose a set of very specific colours, elements and a rather simple-but-strong type of package for the premium brand.

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A sane mind in a healthy body

You can find the full story here, or check out their website (which we designed pursuant to the product packaging).
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Moustache: Capturing the playfulness and the authenticity

White sugar is one of the most common items from our lives, so let’s make an exercise: think of the different sugar brands that come to your mind now. You could probably bring up 3 or 4 different names, but that’s it. So what, there is no difference between sugar brands? Well, not exactly. Some of them just don’t know how to express their stories.

That`s what we needed to solve for our client – GAR agri-business and food, with HQ in Madrid and Singapore, for their operations in the region.

Moustache sugar brand - GAR agri-business and food. Packaging close-up.
Moustache sugar brand – GAR agri-business and food

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