The D8 Butter: From a Sketch to the Shelf

Remember the D8 Date Butter? It is one of our best projects so we’re excited to share with you the point we’ve managed to reach. The other day we talked with our client and they gave us very positive feedback for what we did so far.

Quick recap: the product was an all-natural, no funny ingredients date butter. The Client requested a branding and strategic work for it. This required hours and hours of research: cultural research, trending styles and symbolic motives. We chose a set of very specific colours, elements and a rather simple-but-strong type of package for the premium brand.

The 8 principles for living well
A sane mind in a healthy body

You can find the full story here, or check out their website (which we designed pursuant to the product packaging).
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Moustache: Capturing the playfulness and the authenticity

White sugar is one of the most common items from our lives, so let’s make an exercise: think of the different sugar brands that come to your mind now. You could probably bring up 3 or 4 different names, but that’s it. So what, there is no difference between sugar brands? Well, not exactly. Some of them just don’t know how to express their stories.

That`s what we needed to solve for our client – GAR agri-business and food, with HQ in Madrid and Singapore, for their operations in the region.

Moustache sugar brand - GAR agri-business and food. Packaging close-up.
Moustache sugar brand – GAR agri-business and food

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D8 Date Butter – The Website

The new date butter brand we created required an online presence – presentation website with an integrated WordPress blog.

We chose to design it emphasizing the image of the product, using wide headers, sliding effects and colorful backgrounds with simple minimalist details – lists, wide blank spaces.

We also added interactive details as dynamic effects of the principles on the first page. The website is mobile responsive and has a simple order form implemented.

We wanted the main ingredient to stand out so we chose a date fruit header image and a transparent main menu that changes colour when scrolling.

Let’s see the menu

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Medium-High Rice Brand for the Romanian Market

The task on this project was to generate a medium-high brand for the Romanian Market. Edf Man a worldwide sugar trader was looking to expand its line of products FMSG (fast-moving consumer goods).

The research on the local market showed rather dull brands with Scotti brands dominating the market. This is how the rice shelf looks like in one of the biggest retailers’ stores.

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Developing a new Premium date butter brand

The Product

The product is an all-natural no funny ingredients date butter. The Client requested a branding and strategic work for a Premium brand with five existing flavours for the UK market.

The Research

This phase meant a lot of cultural research looking for date fruit benefits, symbols and analyzing indirect competitors as peanut butter brands, chocolate spread brands and vegan and envionmentally friendly brands.

The research also implied several vegan butters tastings providing delicious healthy treats and insipiration for our creative team.

The Concept 

The client chose  “D8 – Principles of Healthy Living” from a series of over 20 proposals.

„D8” has the same phonetic form as „date” and „The 8”. We use “D8” as a brand name and communicate “The 8” (principles of healthy living).

“D8” proposal refers to eight principles of healthy and sustainable living: no animal products, no additives, no colorings, no preservatives, no gluten, no sulfites, no allergens, environmentally conscious. This is part of a greater living system, a living philosophy that educates and elevates, with media partners and the society contributing to lifestyle change.

There is an important trend in Branding with numbering. No 8 means continuous development, revolution of the spirit, the infinite knowledge. The shape of the number reflects its most important attribute, and in the case of the number 8, that is, first and foremost, balance. It symbolizes authority, efficiency, goal-attaining.

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Cote Wines

Between tradition and fine taste presenting a wine brand is a search for symbols. You become a sommelier yourself in search of the right words and the right spirit.



Agency: Syncreate

Quest: Developing a Presentation Website for Cote Wine

Full story and visuals on :

The result was a refined minimalist presentation site for three varieties of wine. We distinguished three forms of the being : body, mind and spirit.

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Client: ED&F MAN – global sugar trader and producer

Project: Developing a Premium Brand for white and brown sugar for the European Market

Agency: Syncreate


EDF MAN’s tradition and existence since 1783 is a major competitive advantage.

James Man was one of the pioneers in the area, and the company founded by him is currently one of the world-wide leaders in the industry.

We needed, therefore, to portray this personality.

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Zaharia Family – Medium Sugar Brand for ED&F MAN

Client: ED&F MAN – global sugar trader and producer

Project:  Develping a Medium-low White Sugar brand for the Romanian market

Agency: Syncreate

The name Zaharia Family/ Fam. Zaharia takes advantage of the potential of Romanian language and humanizes the brand. At the same time, it indicates very clearly that this is about something very concrete, a value of great interest: the family. This way, we create a touchpoint with our consumers, an element they can empathise with, and we expect them to empathise with it. Family is important to them and it is important to us.

Our language (Romanian) and culture allows us to immediately make the connection or to understand that we’re talking about families that really exist. Maybe we even know someone named so. At the same time, this is about something playful, a funny assumption the viewer, our prospective customer, is pulled into: the Zaharia family probably consume (a lot of) sugar and that’s why they’re called like that.

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EventPay – Marketing Materials for a new ticketing platform

Client: Eventpay

Project: Developing Marketing Materials for Eventpay and Brand Positioning & Personality

Agency: Syncreate

The brand promise of Eventpay is to be the ticketing partner that both the the host and the public can rely on. The brand values are – to connect hosts and interested parties including the great public through ticketing – as  personalized and memorable, significant, valuable and original.

We can find the promise of the brand in the Vision “Ticketing: Enriching experience” showing a commitment of the brand for a high quality of the process and the realtionship with all parties involved.

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