Backstage of the Take them to the Sell Point courses


Hi there, it’s Lumi Mesaros. I am sure you will get used to me saying that during the 14 courses of Take them to the Sell Point. That is if you are already doing them, if you’re not, well guess what, they are here and you can actually start doing them and become more successful yay! Seriously though go click on them 🙂

I wrote a short blogpost about how it was for me to create audible content for the first time in my life. At first I was super stressed but then something clicked for me, read below to check out my journey.

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Take Them to the Sell Point – Course Development Experience

Having the power to create content rather than consuming it is a wonderful feeling. I realized these days that I was consuming so much social media lately that I was not thinking about creating anymore. Putting something out there and creating content is something I am truly passionate about.

It is wonderful of course to read books and spend your time watching your favourite movies but there came a time that I was aimlessly browsing through social media and hours of my life would disappear without me realizing much.

This influx of information that we get in our generation is both a blessing and a curse. What matters is how we use it, how long we use it and what can we do to improve the way we are consuming all this.

That’s why spending your time to do a course and also working with the Take them to The Sellpoint worksheets is a great investment of your time.Giving people content that will aid their growth and resources to help their dreams come true is something that I am very proud of.

I am happy that I had the opportunity to create something like this alongside my team.

At first I was a little bit worried about whether my voice will sound weird or I will sound too robotic, but what inspired me to be more natural is thinking that I am just passing on some of the knowledge that I have received and acquired throughout my experiences. 

I felt this warm, loving feeling when I was doing the courses because I imagined my audience really learning something from it. So while I was concentrated on the content, I was also putting some of my essence out there in the courses.

I advise you to do the same and put some of the unique and original YOU in whatever it is you do. In time you will get many rewards out of this and also you will get something which money cannot buy, the thought that somewhere out there you managed to inspire someone who might be in the need for inspiration.