ROAR System Project: Delivering cross-border funnels

Syncreate, as you know, is the agency that promises results. We can guarantee for our methods because our team has a well established mantra: “marketing done right”. Our latest client has challenged our abilities, and we’re very proud to say that everything looks good. The project has a good promise.

Coaching expert
Robert Alin – Life & Business coaching expert

Meet the client

We treat our clients like actual partners because what we do is, essentially, helping each other to build something big enough for both of us to make money from it. This is Robert, one of the best coaches from Italy. Here are the details that you need to know about our newest partner:

  • he is an accredited coach, delivering performance to businesses and deep changes to willing individuals
  • he is proficient with marketing, communication, HR and business consulting
  • he’s a salesman expert
  • he ran multiple businesses, and worked with organisations such as UNICEF

He designed a fully customizable system so he could help everyone willing to take one step further in their life: ROAR SYSTEM.


The challenge

What Robert needed was a professional way to communicate about his services using cutting edge marketing methods. This is why he came to us. Of course, his was not an easy mission to accomplish, particularly because his request came from the very heart of Italy.

We have experienced working cross-borders in USA, United Kingdom etc. This was a whole new level for us: we had to understand our cultural differences, set aside what we believed we knew about communication and find new, creative ways, to deliver our services while maintaining our professional level (and dealing with our other clients requests as well).

In other words, we had to thread carefully. Which is why we spent about two weeks on researching the italian culture, Robert’s competition and interesting ways to communicate about our “product”. Time was not on our side, so we did everything as fast as we could. ROAR System was our top priority because Robert chose to built with us something of value, something great with big potential.

We had long brainstorming & creative sessions, excellent ideas and concepts. We stood together for hours & hours, tailoring special offers & messages so that both Robert and his clientele could get maximum satisfaction. We put a lot on effort on how to make the ROAR System more appealing and add more value to it by doing what we do best: Marketing funnels.


What we’re expecting

The funnel is yet to be released, but all we have to do now is giving a final touch so that we can be sure our product is nothing less than perfect. We could tell you more, but that would mean spoiling the surprise.

We will give you an update as soon as our project hits the market. Until then, stay tuned and check out Robert’s activity on Facebook.

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