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I’m in the marketing business for more than 10 years, and I’ve come to realise that the relationship between a client and an agency must be a win-win one. My name is Octav, I’m 41 and today I want to tell you about Syncreate – The Agency that Guarantees Results.

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The results driven marketing agency

I was the very first employee of a great consulting company from Bucharest. I worked there for over 9 years, holding management positions in departments such as Research & Development and Marketing. The company quickly grew into a big group that had around 450 employees. During our best year, we managed to get a turnover of $60 million. I’ve managed to help the firm do this thing because of who I am: I do things thoroughly, I always wish to make an impact wherever I am and, the most important matter, I pay very close attention to my client’s (and the market’s) needs.

Besides all kinds of marketing and business courses, I have studied various branches of social sciences such as Law, Psychology, Communication and PR.

Eventually I left that company because I had bigger plans. I always wanted to manage and grow my own team that desires to make an impact and do things the right way. I have invested a lot of money (we’re talking thousands of dollars) in marketing and innovation studying. Courses, books, tools, methodologies… anything that you can buy and apply to your business and your own self-growth. In other words, I have invested a lot of money in the most important resource for nowadays business: the know-how.

During my experience, I’ve come to realise that marketing specialists are avoiding the results driven discussions, more often than not. They often avoid making clear promises such as “your sales numbers are going to increase by X”. The reason is that “sales can not be predicted”, which is somewhat true. This matter makes me think of one thing: why spend an important amount of money on a service that can not guarantee any Return on Investment? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this every time you needed marketing services, so let me ask you: what if you found that kind of agency that is willing to stand by your side and take risks?

We offer more than the usual marketing services, such as branding and paid advertising (which, by the way, we are proficient with). Syncreate comes with a different way to do marketing. Our proposition is, in fact, a complex project:

  • we can help you create the best offers (for both your clients and your firm) that you can deliver 
  • we can perform marketing researches, communication strategies, tests, optimisation and more
  • we treat our client as a true partner that we’re collaborating with
  • we deliver efficient procedures and methodologies (with proven results)
  • we can offer analyzes and strategic proposals on your business model and your product/service marketing
  • we bring to your business scalability and automatisation for maximizing your profits

Our enthusiasm for the industry is great enough for us to actually be able to guarantee results. This is a great form of commitment we are willing to take from you, but not “just like that”. Syncreate does guarantee results and takes risks alongside the client if, and only if, he or she:

  • understands that he/she is an active part of the project, agrees to collaborate and actually implements the ideas we agreed upon
  • owns the required resources and is supporting the effort (associated costs included)
  • is a punctual person and makes sure he/she has the required time for the project
  • makes sure that the key persons that the project needs are available
  • delivers, according to a work calendar, the materials required 
  • understands that he or she must not quit the project and does not change the objectives that we agreed upon.

If you believe you fit in this category and if you wish an agency that is ready to assume consequences alongside you, then you found us. Now that you know how we can guarantee results, how about you tell me more about your business?


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