The D8 Butter: From a Sketch to the Shelf

Remember the D8 Date Butter? It is one of our best projects so we’re excited to share with you the point we’ve managed to reach. The other day we talked with our client and they gave us very positive feedback for what we did so far.

Quick recap: the product was an all-natural, no funny ingredients date butter. The Client requested a branding and strategic work for it. This required hours and hours of research: cultural research, trending styles and symbolic motives. We chose a set of very specific colours, elements and a rather simple-but-strong type of package for the premium brand.

The 8 principles for living well
A sane mind in a healthy body

You can find the full story here, or check out their website (which we designed pursuant to the product packaging).

We based the creative concept our client’s product: a premium, natural one. The word “Date” (which is the core ingredient) gave us creative freedom, which is how we came up with ideas like “D8”, as in “The 8 principles of well living”.

Tasty Date Butter
Date Butter with natural ingredients

We managed to offer an identity to a new kind of product, for a very special niche. The client gave us positive feedback and seemed happy with the final product.

Let’s take a look on how the products looks on the market shelf.

Natural Date Butter
Picture taken at a natural products market in London

As you can see, this is more of a kiosk kind, but is a very good place to start showcasing the product because of the simplicity that it has. It is sending a strong message: 190g of goodness, right in front of curious clients.

Date Butter Toasted Cacao
Sneak peek of essential ingredients for the D8 Date Butter

Simple, yet attractive. Small, but strong.

Date Butter Toasted Cacao
Free and tasty samples for curious clients

Free samples were available for the curious minds that wanted to test out the very interesting looking product (and very tasty, as our client was told by his early customers) before buying it.

So this is what we have so far:

  • the hard work shows in how the product looks like (and how the first customers reacted)
  • the client was very satisfied
  • the product was accepted and highly appreciated by the first customers.

With the Date Butter successfully hitting the first markets, the future looks as bright as the 8 principles of well living. The reason we are telling you this because we want to encourage FMCG producers to be more creative and more daring with their work.

The photo shooting will take place very soon so stay tuned and don’t forget to check out the website and their Facebook Profile.

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