Entangled Marketing Or How To Build Engaging Relationships With Your Consumers

I read the book “Entangled marketing” by Sebastian Jespersen and Stan Rapp and I loved it!

I believe that any brand marketer working in the era of “engagement” can benefit from this new vision of entangling the brand and the consumer in a never-ending connection. The ‘Entangled Marketing’ model is a fresh framework of going beyond engagement to establishing an enduring and mutually rewarding relationship between the brand and the customer. It’s about creating such a close relation between brands and customers that none of the part wants to let go of the other.

In our Digital Age, the way we engage customers has changed. We can do now things for our customers and prospectives that did not even seemed possible few years ago. People no longer buy products, and the book proves this idea incredible well by using the power of examples.

Let’s take the Nike’s example. We see people that are running a marathon wearing Nike shoes. Most of the runners were probably trained by Nike’s personal trainers. Nike did more than selling shoes, they became a part of the life of the sport lover. They were among the first ones to invent smart watches to improve the life of their runners. They became a part of that person’s life. That’s the new marketing!

The relation with the consumer goes beyond the transaction itself. That’s why we, marketers and business owners, need to think different. We need to think of how we can provide value for the customer outside the product.

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