D8 Date Butter – The Website

The new date butter brand we created required an online presence – presentation website with an integrated WordPress blog.

We chose to design it emphasizing the image of the product, using wide headers, sliding effects and colorful backgrounds with simple minimalist details – lists, wide blank spaces.

We also added interactive details as dynamic effects of the principles on the first page. The website is mobile responsive and has a simple order form implemented.

We wanted the main ingredient to stand out so we chose a date fruit header image and a transparent main menu that changes colour when scrolling.

Let’s see the menu

This is the homepage with the product in the center and stating the principles that the producer wants to promote.  Besides the menu, we have a footer with acces to all kind of information, including social media.  The principle bubbles are interactive and guide the visitor to see relevant explanations on each items.

This second page tells the story of how the product appeared as a project in the mind of its inventors, their beliefs etc.

This page presents the five flavour range and a picture on the background suggesting the signature ingredient.

The Butter Shop page includes the order form.

You can see all the visual effects on http://www.d8made.com/


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