Developing a new Premium date butter brand

The Product

The product is an all-natural no funny ingredients date butter. The Client requested a branding and strategic work for a Premium brand with five existing flavours for the UK market.

The Research

This phase meant a lot of cultural research looking for date fruit benefits, symbols and analyzing indirect competitors as peanut butter brands, chocolate spread brands and vegan and envionmentally friendly brands.

The research also implied several vegan butters tastings providing delicious healthy treats and insipiration for our creative team.

The Concept 

The client chose  “D8 – Principles of Healthy Living” from a series of over 20 proposals.

„D8” has the same phonetic form as „date” and „The 8”. We use “D8” as a brand name and communicate “The 8” (principles of healthy living).

“D8” proposal refers to eight principles of healthy and sustainable living: no animal products, no additives, no colorings, no preservatives, no gluten, no sulfites, no allergens, environmentally conscious. This is part of a greater living system, a living philosophy that educates and elevates, with media partners and the society contributing to lifestyle change.

There is an important trend in Branding with numbering. No 8 means continuous development, revolution of the spirit, the infinite knowledge. The shape of the number reflects its most important attribute, and in the case of the number 8, that is, first and foremost, balance. It symbolizes authority, efficiency, goal-attaining.

The packaging solution 

The product will be packed in small jars with golden caps.  We provided the design for the 5 flavours. We used leaves to suggest the nature’s way and different colours to make the distinction between the flavours.  It resulted in a fresh colourful design with just a touch of gold to suggest the precious delight that the date fruit taste represents.

Let’s have a closer look on how we adapted the concept for each  flavour:


“Here at D8 we wanted to take our Medjool date and make it into a natural treat for our children and ourselves. We strongly believe that changing our diets is key to a healthy life. Once we understood the impact the food we eat has on us we aspired towards inspiring others. Our original date butter has absolutely no added sugar but is absolutely delicious.”

Toasted Cacao

“We know how hard it is to search for suitable alternatives in our day and age. But we want to be healthy and happy just like you so we thought why don’t we use our amazing butter to make a change. Our toasted cocoa butter is rich in nutrients and a natural replacement for chocolate spread. We achieved a harmonious balance between texture and taste which is loved by vegetarians everywhere.”

Sour Cherry

“Our food journey brought us to a point in which we were wondering how to create something which will appeal to the chocolate aficionado as well as to the afternoon tea scone type of person. After thinking about trying all the possible combinations our choice of ingredient was the vibrant sour cherry. Having this battle for healthy lifestyle everyday made us want to help others. It’s sweet and tangy taste is a delight for the heroes which our customers are.”

Black Pepper

Among our rich in nutrients ingredients we wanted to have something that will give you that extra zing life needs. The ethics behind bringing our black pepper date butter into existence was in the lines of what can we bring to the table (literally) so that it can spice up your dish and also be vegan friendly. Then we remembered, chutney, what else? We’ve put the good into good food while rediscovering the enjoyment of cooking. Our homemade recipe will help you do just that.”



“Another one of our secret recipes is our cinnamon date butter. We created it as rich and luxurious as the others only we paired with the nostalgic taste of childhood. We view cinnamon as an important heritage from the land of spices. We felt it fits our values so we chose to pass it on through our date butter for others to enjoy and cherish. We take pride in what we make and this easy and tasty cinnamon date butter is the sticky delicious treat you deserve. “



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