OFA Challenge Weeks at Syncreate


I’ve always seen challenges as a great way to learn new skills in a beautiful, engaging and creative way. Contributing every day naturally becomes a habit, and an incredibly valuable one. OFA Challenge has the same idea at heart: to help others jump on the fast track to become a marketing funnel hacker by doing every day something towards that direction.


The challenge was really fantastic. It had a personal touch with insights and personal stories. I felt that I had a coach to guide me and dare me every day. The questions for each mission were perfectly tailored to make me get a closer look at my fears, motivation, doubts when enrolling in a learning journey like this. And the most surprising fact was that information was structured in such a way that it made believe that everyone can learn how to build powerful marketing funnels by the end of the program.


Hacking my way to become a marketing funnel specialist started in a fun way. Challenge accepted.

Tina L.

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