Cote Wines

Between tradition and fine taste presenting a wine brand is a search for symbols. You become a sommelier yourself in search of the right words and the right spirit.



Agency: Syncreate

Quest: Developing a Presentation Website for Cote Wine

Full story and visuals on :

The result was a refined minimalist presentation site for three varieties of wine. We distinguished three forms of the being : body, mind and spirit.



The description of the product : “Cote Spirit unites two worlds and it transforms them through this union. It is the unleashed power of love that changes everything the love that nothing can resist.

We encounter it under numerous forms as the love of a parent, the love of romantic partners, the passion for what we do and for our achievements, the traces we leave in the world through our good deeds.

The Spirit is the spring of life and her soul-uplifting message, the synthesis of what we do to express our true nature.”

The team at Syncreate made a presentation site with a form for placing orders.

Under the logo there is a quote of Homer : “No poetry was ever written by someone who drank water.”

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