Client: ED&F MAN – global sugar trader and producer

Project: Developing a Premium Brand for white and brown sugar for the European Market

Agency: Syncreate


EDF MAN’s tradition and existence since 1783 is a major competitive advantage.

James Man was one of the pioneers in the area, and the company founded by him is currently one of the world-wide leaders in the industry.

We needed, therefore, to portray this personality.

The proposal we bring keeps the style of the works of the period in which the basis of company was laid and, at the same time, the style used to portray personalities on bank notes. The characteristic texture and the person’s posture form strong anchors for the person seeing the product with the proposed brand, and they instantly bring to mind a highly respected personality as well as the idea of financial success.

The character has a look that expresses authority and trust, high-achievement, concentration, charisma.

At the same time, his/her look has an air of exploration. The character’s orientation from left to right and his/her looking afar symbolises the orientation towards the future, towards ambitious objectives, while everything it’s built on the stable and solid basis of the past and tradition.

The graphic realization raises the regular materials (paper and plastic) to meet the exigencies of a premium brand.

The colour of the paper helps in achieving the intended graphic effect and in communicating the texture chosen for this work. For the plastic packaging, in order to portray this texture, we used its transparent quality and the colour of the sugar. This way, the brown colour of the sugar from the bag and the plastic packaging complete each other and together form the perfect support for portraying our character. If normally plastic packaging is not characteristic to a Premium brand, technically, through the special graphic realization, we managed to raise very much the quality of the packaging and bring it in the Premium category, thus solving in an ingenious way the problem of packaging and, at same time, that of price.

We also made paper packagings for this brand.



We’ve also added a version in which wooden packaging is used: more precisely, a small wooden barrel, thus taking tradition and area-specific practices into consideration. This kind of packaging can be used for a limited special edition which can appear on the shelves in shops every one year, for example.

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