Zaharia Family – Medium Sugar Brand for ED&F MAN

Client: ED&F MAN – global sugar trader and producer

Project:  Develping a Medium-low White Sugar brand for the Romanian market

Agency: Syncreate

The name Zaharia Family/ Fam. Zaharia takes advantage of the potential of Romanian language and humanizes the brand. At the same time, it indicates very clearly that this is about something very concrete, a value of great interest: the family. This way, we create a touchpoint with our consumers, an element they can empathise with, and we expect them to empathise with it. Family is important to them and it is important to us.

Our language (Romanian) and culture allows us to immediately make the connection or to understand that we’re talking about families that really exist. Maybe we even know someone named so. At the same time, this is about something playful, a funny assumption the viewer, our prospective customer, is pulled into: the Zaharia family probably consume (a lot of) sugar and that’s why they’re called like that.

… but every family consumes sugar, therefore the Zaharia family could be my family, yours, or anyone else’s. The family concept is a very rich one from the point of view of emotions and of values associated with it: love, communication, trust, freedom of expression, mutual respect, generosity, support, encouragement, self-respect, belonging, unconditional acceptance, inclusiveness, sharing, play, education, recreation, time together, morality, treating others with compassion and respect, treating pets as family members, celebrating success, keeping traditions (the articles in Annex no 8 are also suggestive).

By having such a dowry in the brand essence, we will be able to communicate on a profound level with our customers and to subsequently develop countless and especially beautiful messages and communication campaigns, campaigns that will have a special and lasting impact on the collective psyche.

The name of the brand sets the frame of reference, and the motto sets that which we aim to emphasise. We speak about cheerfulness, the joy of life (small and large, related to cooking but not only), about having fun and about the things that make you laugh and bring forward the beautiful side of life, about sharing with the loved ones, about warm and comforting environments and situations.


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