EventPay – Marketing Materials for a new ticketing platform

Client: Eventpay

Project: Developing Marketing Materials for Eventpay and Brand Positioning & Personality

Agency: Syncreate

The brand promise of Eventpay is to be the ticketing partner that both the the host and the public can rely on. The brand values are – to connect hosts and interested parties including the great public through ticketing – as  personalized and memorable, significant, valuable and original.

We can find the promise of the brand in the Vision “Ticketing: Enriching experience” showing a commitment of the brand for a high quality of the process and the realtionship with all parties involved.

The brand promise of Eventpay can be delivered concrete and symbolic through tangible and intangible. Both categories can generate effects of trust building and brand loyalty. This image must be detailed and consistently delivered.

Reasons to believe 

Eventpay assures autonomy for the organizers in managing the events. The platform provides the promotion tools, online solutions for issuing the tickets, online ticket sales and access control.

The site uses the payment service PrioriPay of Capital Financial Services SA = the first cryptocoin company in Romania.

Eventpay can be integrated in the organizer’s site using the specific colors and the host’s brand.

 The partners have free access to real-time information regarding their events.

The buyers have the print “Print@Home” option for their tickets. They are downloaded instantly and have bar codes and QR codes. 

Eventpay provides the best security standards for data protection.

 As a partner Eventpay can display the following roll-ups :











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